Suppleness in Heart, Mind and Body

A number of you asked me to elaborate upon the following statement in yesterday’s post:

When you deliberately cultivate suppleness in heart, mind and body – the order is important! – you choose life.

To begin with, why is the order important? Western culture places undue emphasis on the perfection of the mind and body and as such overlooks the central matter of the heart. Billions of dollars and countless hours are spent training and toning the mind and body, while the heart is left to deteriorate from neglect and denial. Your heart is the womb of your expression. As such, it is the point of highest leverage. Changes made here cascade downward and outward.

The heart is made supple by a strong faith in the preeminence of love and the inviolability of love. It is likewise softened by earnest repentance and active forgiveness. Moreover, constant humility mitigates vanity, which is essentially a hollow and brittle state of being that is devoid of your true spirit in expression.

My hope is that there might be a few who not only understand, but are willing to do the difficult work required to come to the point of living with a supple and therefore untroubled heart. When the heart is seized by fear, worry or want it is hardened to the beauty and abundance of life. You need not live this way for one minute longer.

Choose life!


7 thoughts on “Suppleness in Heart, Mind and Body

  1. Carol

    I love this consideration Gregg. You’ve opened up something very large here on how to keep one’s heart clear and untroubled . Repentance, forgiveness, and vigilance. I’d add that linking in with like-minded people makes it easier to stay the course. This blog is a wonderful provision in that regard.


  2. David R

    Simple and comprehensive instruction! It takes something to maintain the womb spirit, to keep sacred things sacred regardless of the impulses to defilement and mayhem. Regardless of outward turmoil, injustice and violation, my heart can remain a sacred and accessible place for Love’s presence and command. What is thus conceived and cared for will find a way to emerge into the earth, and all depends upon that!


  3. Carmen

    Nothing can change until the heart is changed. When the heart has remembered that it is love, all the false beliefs we have created will simply disappear. And we will be able to see them as the illusions that they truly are. Each individual struggles with their own false ideas of what is real, none being easier to vanquish than another.


  4. Joy

    A beautiful consideration with which to start the day Gregg. I will hold your words close to my heart so that I, like Coco, may repent of arrogance. Thank you!


  5. Coco

    I appreciate your expansion of the subject. I recently had this conversation. I was asked if there was anything that I’d change if I had a do over. My answer was I would refrain from arrogance. That alone would create a remarkable suppleness of heart. Thank goodness for repentance and active forgiveness they are the chance to not keep making the same mistakes. It’s commonplace to see how arrogance blocks growth and tethers a person to ignorance. It all starts in the very personal, completely malleable confines of each ones heart.


  6. Steve V

    Your words are strong and clear! We have been designed from love to know life. Thank you for establishing such a stake in the earth. It is wonderfully fulfilling to share in it.


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