It is in me

“What I’m looking for is not out there, it is in me.” – Helen Keller

One of the most central, pivotal realizations that anyone can have is that self – your innermost identity – cannot be defined from the outside-in. You won’t find it in the opinions or desires of others, neither will you find it in your own opinions about who you are or what you are here to do.

Remember, your mind is one of your three outer capacities: body, mind and heart. The spirit that you are, or the angel as some might like to put it, is who you are at the beginning, the middle and the end of the day, no matter what you, in the sense of your ego, or others, through the eyes of theirs, might wish to believe.

4 thoughts on “It is in me

  1. Steve V

    Your words encourage a greater revelation of what the words above down inside out mean. Our minds can serve to receive the life giving essence of who we are through a depth of heartfelt gratefulness overflowing out into the expression of our lives.


  2. Joy

    As you say Gregg, this is a pivotal realization, in reading your words I had to stop myself from just comprehending them on a mental level, and found that I still have much yielding to do, to allow for a fuller actualization of this realization. Thank you!


  3. Lady Leo

    Using the resources of my body, mind and heart to facilitate more expression of my spirit or Angel is my principal concern in every endeavor. I believe this is the point where our individual contribution to creation is actualized. When we look at each other, recognizing the existence of theirs as well certainly gives me pause for a reverence that changes the trajectory of my interaction.


  4. Kai Newell

    Thank you for this profound message! I think of how much grief and struggle could be avoided were this one point encouraged by parents and teachers.


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