Paying It Forward

Every once in a while you see something worth sharing, those occasional moments of unexpected selflessness which restore your faith in humanity. I was on a full commercial flight yesterday afternoon and while I was sitting, waiting for the rest of the passengers to board, a gentlemen in first class whose family was in coach offered to trade his first class seat with another fellow who had the opposite situation. The former gentleman’s generosity was the object of much chatter in the rows around me, but to our surprise, the random acts of kindness didn’t stop there.

The gentleman who was offered and then accepted the first class seat to be with his family told the stewardess that he would gladly exchange his seat with any military personnel who were on board. A few minutes later, an ecstatic young lady in uniform walked up from the back of the plane to proudly claim her seat in first class. It was a sight to behold and unlike the usual news of the day on television or in the paper, it was a story worth repeating.

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