Sufficient Motivation

What is it in the human spirit which compels him to accomplish great things, to compete to the best of his ability?

I had a wonderful conversation with a Coloradan who had spent seven winters in Antarctica several years ago and he was telling me of an opportunity he had to meet Sir Edmund Hillary who was visiting to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his founding of Scott Base. We chatted for a bit about the chance encounter and I asked the fellow if Hillary had said anything that stood out to him over the years.

After thinking about it for a minute he said that what stood out most in his memory of the meeting was Hillary’s matter-of-factness when describing his spectacular accomplishments. Hillary apparently saw himself as an ordinary fellow who had sufficient motivation to accomplish the goals he set before himself. He didn’t see his capabilities as being particularly outstanding, rather, he had sufficient determination to succeed with those with which he was equipped.

Will – determination and motivation – can help you maximize your capabilities. Properly applied, they can help you overcome limitations you may have not thought possible to overcome.

4 thoughts on “Sufficient Motivation

  1. Joy

    I have been meditating on what it would be to “ask in His name” surely if we ask in His name we would be asking not for ourselves but for the greater body of humanity. This to me relates to the purpose that Coco was talking about. What do I ask for the body of humanity and how do I through my daily living ask with nothing wavering? I know that there could be no more worthwhile endeavour than directing all my will, determination and motivation to playing my part in allowing a blessing to extend beyond myself into the body of humanity. I am so thankful Gregg for what you provide.


  2. David R

    There can be many ways of being motivated, and the corporate world, for instance, covets motivated people for their ability to achieve. It is always an issue, of course, as to whether it will be possible to channel that achieving compulsion in the direction of the company’s goals and concerns.

    Generally, if you want to motivate the largest number of people, you offer the coarsest and most brazenly self-serving options. Few there be, apparently, who are passionately motivated for the benefit of others, for the good of the whole, as it is put. Since we are all constantly motivated, it seems wise that we mediate regularly on the source of that motivation!


  3. Chuck Reddick

    This is a great reminder that if we want something badly enough (perhaps it would be better to say ‘rightly enough) that we can achieve it. There are obvious limitations that each of us have but generally speaking most of those limitations are not enough to stop one when they have the determination and motivation. Don’t we all love to hear stories of those who overcame so-called handicaps to perform something in extraordinary ways. And I have had the same experience that this fellow had who you spoke with Gregg, and that is that their accomplishment was no big deal, but instead simply something that they had the will – the determination and motivation – to do.


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