Death by Futility

Some people die of natural causes; others have an accidental death. I’ve even heard tell of people dying of a broken heart. What I will eventually die of I cannot be sure, but I can assure you that I will not suffer death by futility.

Death by futility comes whenever life purpose is not clearly defined. Death by futility comes when obstacles, be they internal or external to oneself, are used as excuses for failure or worse, for not even trying. Death by futility comes whenever the desire for comfort supplants the will to maintain integrity in the face of any discomfort.

3 thoughts on “Death by Futility

  1. Zach

    Comfort as a primary goal is really an impossibility. As physical and mental torpor set in, there is a growing and inescapable fundamental discomfort that occurs when purpose is moved away from or lost. Like two lines on top of and parallel to one another, purpose and actuality should be moving in the same direction. If they are not, we will never be satisfied no matter how much we seek external comfort.


  2. Lady Leo

    Losing my sense of purpose would be death to me. I find myriad things to do in a day, my interests are many, but they are like vehicles while my purpose is the driver. It’s the why that matters. I want to do the things that support the why. My responsibility is to not waste this perfectly good life.


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