What Future?

What future do you prepare yourself for? The future that everyone is expecting? More of the same? Or perhaps a radically new vision for how life could be were you to look at the matter differently?

The people who have made the most significant contributions to humanity are typically those who found a way to blast through the concrete of the status quo, who escaped the gravitational pull of mediocrity and who revealed a new way of living, working or being by unlocking human potential. Such individuals typically took a personal stand and then inspired others to do the same. They dared when others cowered, engaged when others vacillated and kept their eyes on the horizon when others fixated on the perils below.

You cannot prepare yourself for a brighter, better future if you do not change what you are doing now.

One thought on “What Future?

  1. Coco

    I often think about this subject. It does appear that many noteworthy folks have done whatever it is they are remembered for, that improved the lives of many, while engaged in what could be called a normal life progression.It seems often that circumstance and their consistent nobility or righteousness seemed to intersect and create a prodigious event. Many of the stories that come to my mind are of people that had a daily upward inclination that led to an extraordinary trajectory. I guess they had already blasted though the status quo in their heart. Possibly they forgave when others couldn’t or repented when normally others wouldn’t. Most did not follow the crowd.


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