Fun at Work

Of all the companies I’ve started or participated in over the years, I can say that fun is, without a doubt, at the core of of how I do business. Without it, business, and life for that matter, are drudgery. What’s the point of merely existing when you can live vibrantly, passionately, dynamically?

People tend to make things so complicated and by consequence, arduous. They feel that they’re not really accomplishing something unless they’re struggling. They trudge along under the mistaken belief that there is not gain without pain and they cannot – for the life if them – imagine it could be any other way.

The truth is, however, that life need not be laborious. It can and should be fun, but you have to work to make it that way. You have to relax when others tense up, hold out hope for unseen apertures when others have all but given up and look to lift others up, even when you are feeling low, at sea or hemmed in.

I suppose it is safe to say that to have fun you must deliberately choose to act when others have surrendered to the feeling that they have no choice but to be acted upon. To have fun you must remember that you have a choice as to how to spend the 75% of your life, that is, the time you spend working.

You have a choice.

3 thoughts on “Fun at Work

  1. Lady Leo

    I agree that the work place should be fun. I’ve had fun at jobs I certainly didn’t expect to be my career but they were what I was doing at the time and they provided the two essential ingredients to fun at work; another person and a shared purpose. I’ve always thought the fun killer was moody people, the people you always have to tiptoe around to see if they’re lighthearted that day or intent on feeling under their circumstances. Often the joy killer does so under the guise of maturity or focus but I’ve found focus is easier when tension is not arbritary and imposed. Maturity has proven to me the most sustainable growth comes when there is a healthy dose of the great balancer, fun!


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