Life Changing Play

I’ve observed over the years that a simple act of kindness can instantly change the trajectory of not just one life but many. My mother sent me a link to a short, but wonderful video which illustrates the point beautifully.

Compassion is an incredibly powerful catalyst for positive change! If you’re not one to come to compassion on your own, look for those around you who do. They’ll show you the way to a better life.

6 thoughts on “Life Changing Play

  1. Chuck Reddick

    When I saw that clip earlier my first thought was how those young men’s lives who provided the opportunity were changed for the better and forever. It was clear from the interviews that certainly the young boy who they did it for was deeply touched but that those who actually provided the inspiration and opportunity for him were even more deeply touched. Once one sees the value of unconditional providing and making a difference they often start deliberately leading their lives that way. It really is those seemingly little things that often make the biggest difference isn’t it!


  2. Lady Leo

    I saw that on CBS evening new. What the clip didn’t show was how moved Scott Pelley the commentator was too. Compassion can be a learned spirit. One boy probably had the idea and the execution made it socially acceptable to the other young men at perhaps one of their most impressionable ages. Thanks for sharing this. CBS often tries to end their broadcast with something uplifting …someone at CBS must find compassion a compelling motivation too!


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