Higher Calling

I believe that every person on earth is born with inherent purpose, a higher calling which transcends physical or even mental pursuits. Each one is called to reveal his or her unique quality of spirit, to translate the invisible into the visible, while uplifting that which is touched in the course of living.

Your higher calling originates in the being part of you, in your soul. It is expressed and thereby given form through the human part of you, that is, your body, mind and heart. The human part of you connects your soul to the rest of creation “below” you, specifically, the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. The being part of you connects the human part of you to that which is “above” you, that is, the levels of creation referred to in religious circles as “heaven”.

It is often assumed that we, as humans, are separate from God. While this may be true in one sense, you must remember that that which divides also connects. A border divides two lands, but connects them too. Your body, mind and heart distinguish you from God above and the earth below, but they also connect God to the kingdoms of the earth.

As such, we are well-placed to be the means by which the will of God is extended into the earth. Man divides God from creation, he can also be the means by which the two are united. To do so he must be more than a harsh and demanding overseer of the earth and all that dwells therein; he must see himself as and act responsibly as a superintendent, an administrator who ministers unto the earth on behalf of his soul and that to which it connects.

If identity is lodged at the level of body, mind and heart, that is, if you are engrossed in your physical appearance, your mental prowess or how you feel about things, you will fail to recognize that you are much more than “only human”. You are a human being, an eternal being presently in possession of a body, mind and heart through which the spirit that you are and all that you represent can be magnified into the earth.

And that, my dear friends, is the key to developing a deeper understanding of your higher calling.

6 thoughts on “Higher Calling

  1. David R

    Well described! Purpose is so much more than the idea of a Divine agenda. What we are here to do may indeed shift and change in terms of the specifics, but our purpose in the essential sense does not vary. Even if we could envision the details of our purpose and were to set ourselves to achieve that, it would be a limited and ultimately futile thing, because the expression of purpose is fluid and specific to the changing needs and possibilities of the world where we live.

    The connecting point between heaven and earth is a dynamic place. to receive and translate the impulse of the invisible into visible form is always the challenge, the privilege and the responsibility!


  2. Chuck Reddick

    It was only after I discovered my true purpose in life that I started leading a fulfilling and generative life. Funny how much time we spend and waste chasing our tail so to speak in trying to find meaning in the surface things of life only to somewhere along the way realize that although there is certain value in those things that that value is limited in allowing us to truly discover ourselves. Your post today is a great reminder to all of us to allow ourselves individually to discover our true purpose in life. It deserves some meditation for sure.


  3. Lady Leo

    What an eloquent description of our opportunity to make a difference, to let the meaning of who we truly are fulfill it’s reason for being here. We choose what we identify with on Earth, which makes all the difference in what we think about and what we are inspired by.


  4. Lucy Cera

    Thank you for this amazing post! You have answered not just the “how” but also the “why”. Now the “what” we do is up to us. Let us choose wisely!


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