Guiding Principle

In every industry there is a guiding principle. Properly heeded, this principle informs and guides its participants from glory unto glory. When ignored or overshadowed by other lesser principles, the industry can only hope for limited success, if any at all.

The guiding principle is not the same in every industry, but it does and should spring from a common root: service. In the case of health care, the overriding principle is and should be the improvement of patients’ lives.

5 thoughts on “Guiding Principle

  1. Chuck Reddick

    The so called affordable care act is going to allow those health care practitioners who have been concerned with genuine service for their patients to have more and more patients flocking to them because their basic concern has been the patient. However, many others who have become a part of the system will find themselves struggling. A genuine concern for the ‘end user’ in any endeavor, what we might call service, is paramount for sustainable success.

    Another example of the value of service is in the field of sales. The salesperson who is more valuable (what makes a salesperson valuable is their commitment and ability to serve and to provide genuine value to the purchaser) is that salesperson who focuses on providing value and service to those whom they serve. It is that single principle that attracts and keeps top notch people in the profession.


  2. Lady Leo

    In the US, it seems to me, the guiding principle for health care has been made very clear; affordable healthcare. It is not surprising we rank so low in the standards of the actual outcome. Our ranking for infant mortality alone should make us do a 180 on our basic thinking with respect to this. I’m always shocked at how low the bar is, in this area, in this land of opportunity. The affordable part is one of the greatest ruses of all time!


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