Cessation of Want

Rest is many things, but a definition I’ve found to be useful over the years is that rest is the cessation of want. This does not define every aspect of rest, as you can also find, for example, rest in action.

The latter is a bit more challenging, and if you are presently short on rest I recommend that you narrow your focus to the former. To rest in this way, that is, through the cessation of want, you must come to the point where you are willing to place all that you wish to achieve in life on hold for the moment. As strange as this might sound, you must also temporarily suspend your desire to finally get some rest!

In this sense, rest is the calm water which can be found in the wake of thankfulness. Thankfulness is a state of being, not an act of accomplishment. Being thankful stills the noise of the seas and the rushing of the multitude of details of living.

Rest and be thankful. – William Wordsworth

3 thoughts on “Cessation of Want

  1. Zach

    After reading your post, I took your advice and began to let go all of the things I am trying to achieve right now, and it was amazing how quickly a sense of tranquility came upon me. There are things that are more important than things like achievement or rest from achievement, and thankfulness is one of those things. We will do nothing but flail without it. Thanks again for another daily life-changer.


  2. Steve V

    Thank you for sharing a moment of being. Resting and being thankful opens the door to the rest action you were mentioning. Great to consider such matters in living in the rhythms of life.


  3. Lady Leo

    Thankfulness opens the way for the experience of a peace that has been described as “… the peace of God which passeth all understanding…” It seems a method for entrainment that creates a synchronization with what I describe as the rhythms intended by our creator. This is one of the blessings and comforts always available to us.


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