The Doors of Perception

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern. – William Blake

We haughtily claim to have evolved well beyond our cave-dwelling forefathers, but in many ways we remain cavemen and women emotionally and intellectually. We hide deep within caves of our own making, caves which are cluttered by unforgiven indignities and defended by intricate emotional and intellectual trip wires.

Our highest vision reaches not to the stars, but around the next corner. In political discourse we envision not liberty, equality and fraternity, but stopgap measures to ensure solvency. In spiritual matters we are content to seek, but deathly afraid of eventually finding. How are the mighty fallen!

There is no remedy but to open ourselves. The universe is not finite, but infinite! Love is not curbed by hatred; it is boundless! Truth is not held in check by lies; it reaches unto the clouds. Life is not delimited by death; it is eternal! The forms life inspirits come and go, but life itself is everlasting.

Open yourself. Dare to be vulnerable. Come out from the cave and let the world see not just shadows of you, but the light that you are!

4 thoughts on “The Doors of Perception

  1. David R

    Some are content, it seems, to be cave dwellers, seeing as little as possible. Others flail desperately against the oppression and limitation of the world’s ruling machinery, but the door of actual liberty is not in either of these strategies. We are not of the world, though we may, and must be, effectively in it. To see the opportunities inherent in the boundless qualities you outline gives us an ever-present starting point. The great ones in the world have not been timid conformists, nor have they been powerful magnates, bending others to their will. They have been, and they are, those who see and open the door between heaven and earth!


  2. Lady Leo

    Wonderful post! As I’ve matured that is certainly one of the constants, that things are often never what they seemed. It’s true that time and my point of view from my proximity, bring additional information. Most importantly I’ve understood how central the content of our hearts are to every circumstance and that is one thing we, as humans can not do, look into each other’s hearts. We can however know our own and that is really the place to start this personal freedom march.


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