Virtue: What None Can Hinder

“My brother ought not to have treated me thus.”

True: but he must see to that. However he may treat me, I must deal rightly by him. This is what lies with me, what none can hinder.

– Epictetus

Your expression of virtue need not be conditional. It can and must be absolute. Your thoughts, words and deeds should be actively forged upon the anvil of truth, rather than passively formed in reaction to outer circumstance. No man, no matter how egregious his offense, can hinder you from taking up this sacred hammer.

2 thoughts on “Virtue: What None Can Hinder

  1. Coco

    This is one to consider, adopt in the stillness of a quiet moment, then practice assiduously in all the small affronts that may come in our daily lives. I can say most assuredly that all this diligent practice will prove worthwhile when the , “slings and arrows of outrages fortune” via deliberate acts from our fellows find their way to us. That seems to be the case in most every life. Thank you for the reminder of where to craft my reply.


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