That is my nature

I was born to join in love, not hate – that is my nature.” – Sophocles

It happens every day. You’re walking merrily along the path of life and someone bends your ear about how terrible so-and-so is or how dreadful such-and-such is. If you are sympathetic to their plight, you may be inclined to give your agreement. Even if you aren’t, you might assent to avoid a showdown or to fit in to the crowd which shares this opinion. If you are true to the truth of love, however, you are likely to be more judicious about passing judgment on another.

An idea not founded in truth needs agreement to outlive its author. Realizing this, those who have not found the means by which any neighbor – good, bad or indifferent – might be loved, frantically seek agreement for their confused notions of reality (which are rooted incidentally in the belief that good cannot triumph over evil on its own).

When you help steady the hand of another who seeks to weave a thread of hatred through the fabric of life – even if his or her intentions are to vanquish a perceived evil – your life becomes interwoven not just with that person and the target of his or her ire, but with hatred itself. Each and every time you indulge in hate (or any of its lighter shades for that matter), you become a host for the false ideas which have corrupted the minds, bruised the hearts and stiffened the necks of men for far too long.

The next time you are asked to join in the perpetuation of hatred on earth, consider answering with the wise words of Sophocles, written some 2,500 years ago: “I was born to join in love, not hate – that is my nature.”

3 thoughts on “That is my nature

  1. Zach

    This is something that allows each of us to see whether we simply talk a great game, or if our beliefs really match up to our actions. It is so rare to not give in to the thread of hatred that many see it as martyrdom or misplaced nobility: a good intention but doomed to fail. Others see it as complicity with whatever they are against, rather than refusal to judge at all. In reality, the only thing that you get with hatred is more hatred, which eventually nets you total destruction. The only way to avoid this loop is to refrain from hating, to believe so totally in the power of love and it’s ability to transform or overcome that you wouldn’t even think of getting in its way.


  2. Lady Leo

    I’ve found if I’m asked to join in the condemnation of another that you don’t need to take the opposite view. It’s not you’re either in agreement or not, the third choice is no opinion. Refusing to pass judgement leaves the way clear for the power of love to bring the pressure to let the tangles be sorted out. Hate only adds to the problem and usually becomes an additional layer that blocks the original situation from being cleared up. And your right, bottom line is, it’s not in my nature.


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