The Pivotal Commandment

“If you try to cure evil with evil you will add more pain to your fate.” – Sophocles

Many people who claim to be Christians either ignore or rationalize away the most central and simply described doctrine espoused by the man known as Jesus: “resist not evil.” Of all the things He said, this is perhaps the clearest if not the most profound. Not one to mince words, be trite or rattle on without specific intent, He obviously meant what He said.

The attempt to remove evil by evil means ﹣ using a so-called “necessary evil” ﹣ only serves to perpetuate evil in the long run. No one, therefore, can truly call himself a Christian until he has fully embraced this pivotal commandment.

3 thoughts on “The Pivotal Commandment

  1. Coco

    Obeying this one instruction does change the course of our lives. From the youngest of age, payback, vengeance and evening the score are thought to be easily understood. Even when the actions of someone are considered completely horrific, the question will be why did they do this? Often if a supposed injustice or evil can be cited then fighting against the supposed wrong can more easily understood, or in some cases, supported. This point has been so obfuscated as a result of other peoples reported quotes, particularly in the Bible. Jesus was clear on this and I’ve not seen where he diluted this point. If even some that claim a Christian faith were to follow this I don’t think we’d be having many of the public debates on what level of retribution is appropriate. I echo your other readers in appreciation for this type of public discourse. Thank you.


  2. Joy

    Such a critical point Gregg, one that has been overlooked through the ages…often by me as well!! In taking the stance of “resist not evil” one indicates that one is truly yielding to a higher power, not just giving it lip service. Thank you as ever for the blessing of this daily post.


  3. Steve V

    Yes this one statement is monumental. Such words by the one known as Jesus can only be appreciated as Coco was saying yesterday when the celestial portal of the heart is kept open. Resist not evil allows for this to occur. What comes to mind is when something arises that we do not like it is important to remember this. For if evil takes over the celestial portal closes and things only get worse. We do have a choice to keep the portal open that brings patience , perspective and a sense of humor. As our love is kept for the love that comes through this portal we can truly resist not evil.


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