Part of a Whole

Have you ever seen a severed hand or foot, or a decapitated head, just lying somewhere far away from the body it belonged to…? That’s what we do to ourselves – or try to – when we rebel against what happens to us, when we segregate ourselves. Or when we do something selfish.

You have torn yourself away from your unity – your natural state, one you were born to share in. Now you’ve cut yourself off from it.

But you have one advantage here: you can reattach yourself. A privilege God has granted to no other part of no other whole – to be separated, cut away, and reunited. But look how he’s singled us out. He’s allowed us not to be broken off in the first place, and when we are he’s allowed us to return, to graft ourselves back on, and take up our old position once again: part of a whole.” – Marcus Aurelius

5 thoughts on “Part of a Whole

  1. David R

    Life, the forms and systems of life, are designed to be an inviolate whole. The description of how this whole can be violated, and therefore no longer whole, is accurate. However, while the separation from the whole tends to be willful, the re-incorporation must be a matter of ‘will’ yielded. We must be re-incorporated, not on our own terms but according to the wisdom of the Integrating Force that causes all things to be whole.


  2. Steve V

    Thank you Gregg for posting such timely words even though stated centuries ago. It is good to acknowledge the truth that is always present and know the fulfillment of eternal wholeness.


  3. Lady Leo

    Since it can be hard to observe ourselves, the value of correction can not be taken for granted. Regardless of when or by whom the separation from the whole becomes apparent, we do have the power to reunite. Although I think there is always something lost when this occurs, we can repent and let what can commence be refocused. I feel this one of the many examples of the mercy and forgiveness of our Creator.


  4. Carmen

    Marcus was a very wise man when he wrote the above statement that God allows only humans to be able to reattach themselves to the whole. Yes, we can become part of the All again. Certainly we can. But this ability to reconnect, I believe comes about because we are the ONLY ones to separate ourselves from the source, from God, from That That can Not be Named in the first place. Would a tree try to declare that she is not part of all trees that exist??? Part of earth, and sky? Would an dog not know it’s own dogness??? Would the wind not know where her home was?? Humans disconnect themselves from all, put themselves above all, and have fallen further than any other thing ever possibly could. But within this sad state, there is given the opportunity to return, to remember who and what we truly are. And to find the tiny spark of God that is still within our hearts.


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