External Things

External things are not the problem. It’s your assessment of them. Which you can erase right now.

If the problem is something in your own character, who’s stopping you from setting your mind straight?

And if it’s that you’re not doing something you think you should be, why not just do it?

– But there are insuperable obstacles.

Then it’s not a problem. The cause of your inaction lies outside you.

– But how can I go on living with that undone?

Then depart, with a good conscience, as if you’d done it, embracing the obstacles too.” – Marcus Aurelius

Try a little experiment for an hour, a day or a week: let go of any and every judgment you hold about your present circumstances.

Acknowledge the factors as they now are and give thanks for the opportunity at hand, but resist the temptation to label them as being good, bad or neutral.

Embrace the factors as they now are. Ask yourself, “How can I most creatively handle the factors as they now are?”

Apply your present mental, physical and emotional capabilities as they now are to the situation. Rally all necessary resources at your command to the accomplishment of your aim.

Rejoice in the knowledge that you gave your very best, without qualification, excuse or reservation.

Continue in this manner and discover a wise and balanced approach to living.

4 thoughts on “External Things

  1. Joy

    Good to note that the rejoicing comes at the end of the cycle, I (in the past) have got tripped up on the embrace and apply aspects. On this absolutely glorious morning however, as I’m surrounded in green loveliness or should I say green leafiness, the tragedies of the world seem far away. No TV marring the natural beauty! Realistically for me, the only way I cannot fret or judge the ills of the world is to yield to the omnipotent power that has them well in control.


  2. Lady Leo

    Parrying with a circumstance, based on our judgement, is where a great deal of frustration is created. Not being in the position to accurately judge, our reactions are inappropriate at best and most usually disastrous. The approach you suggest is both humble and wise. Practical, thank you


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