Profound Repose

Perched atop the azure sky
With wings outstretched to lift me high
Above the cares and daily strife –
I think upon my blessed life.

Of friends and loves of times gone by
They came to mind I know not why
Perhaps they’re spirits in the air
Who talk with me when I’m up there

Regardless of their provenance
My love for them is still immense
The friends I’ve kept and yes, my foes
I wish them all profound repose.

4 thoughts on “Profound Repose

  1. Coco

    I think this is one of your finest poems! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a wonderful example of a sentiment free of judgement and the negative spirits so common in most lives. When there is an absolute trust in God there can be a powerful release of love.

  2. Zach

    Beautiful poem, as always. To hold “grudges”, or to purposefully hold or intensify bad feelings that we have about people is substantially self limiting and self destructive. Our love must be all-consuming to those feelings, we can use it to blast our limitations out of existence.

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