Sun for Joy

A massive thunderstorm passed through on Saturday evening and despite the winds and heavy rains, we were spared any damage. My heart goes out to those in Oklahoma who were not so fortunate…

Sun for Joy by Gregg Hake

Thunder roars magnificently in the heavens above,
Mighty, aged oaks
Rocking in the furious wind,
Moaning hymns of ancient times…
Fragile butterfly
Shivers valiantly against
Impartial rain
Storm beats onward devouring eastward skies-
And sun for joy
Pierces through the blanching pall.

3 thoughts on “Sun for Joy

  1. Coco

    Thank you Gregg. I too offer my thoughts and prayers for strength for the people affected by the storms in Oklahoma. While the elements appear so randomly fearsome at times, their images do evoke wide eyed wonder. Your beautiful poem feels a familiar experience to me!

  2. Zach

    Beautiful poem. Anyone who has seen the power of even a small tornado knows how destructive they can be. I hope that those in OK can find the starting points to begin putting their lives back together.

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