How long

How long, O Lord, must we endure, how long?
Merchants now claim the better part of life.
Fear and greed, once scarce on earth are now rife,
Yet prideful man sees that he does no wrong?
Men not of this world earn jeers from the throng,
Who must for pride’s sake oust those free of strife.
Yet yielded to truth, we cut with the knife
Through shackles and chains of all that is wrong.
I swallowed the book and tell of it now:
The sweetest commission, bitter in form
Begins in the darkness beneath the veil
But pierce it you can, with one single vow-
Be true to the truth of love in the storm-
You will be made whole and drink from the grail.

8 thoughts on “How long

  1. Carmen

    We can only continuously strive to lift ourselves upward, and keep to the promises that have been made between and for us. Knowing that each thought, word and deed that flows from the pure heart changes all. One individual drop of water, can change the ocean. We know not where or how these things come to be, but must keep the faith that has birthed us. Always “believing” that one makes a difference and that some will awaken!

  2. Coco

    Your poingent words hit their mark, thank you. Tenets of honor, duty and commission aren’t crosses to bear, they’re part of a continuum that, like the bones in a body, shore up the seemingly fragile rhythms as the majesty of restoration accelerates.

  3. Vincent

    Those who share the vow emerge as a light on the illusions of unreality. Not to recoil at the ugliness and violation is a challenge in itself, but for those who hold Truth in highest esteem, there is a way that pierces the veil and opens the way.

  4. Ricardo B.

    The salve of sanity comes as you give yourself to giving. For me, I’ve seen turmoil, uncertainty and confusion set in only when self-importance creeps in my heart. Service – giving yourself to the healing of others, in any and every way possible – is the armour from vanity and the supreme balm to heal any wounds suffered from the hands of others.

    Retribution is not mine to consider; forgiveness and service are. With this, I can endure.

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