To Beam Anon

To Beam Anon by Gregg Hake
O’ to be free and beam anon
Agin’ the cold and dewy air
To see both woes and worries gone
And intone a morning prayer.
To find the means to live at peace
Is man’s highest earthly trial.
Amidst the strife and life’s caprice
He must discern it without guile. 
The hush of which I speak today
Is not evinced by wile or wit.
It is not born in love’s dismay,
Nor can man of himself acquit.
Let peace and truth be in your days
From perfect love in all your ways. 

4 thoughts on “To Beam Anon

  1. Coco

    Finding peace is impossible but we are the means by which it can be known on Earth. It may seem a puzzle but I don’t think it’s meant to be. Your poem echoes it so eloquently. “… perfect love casteth out fear..” Thanks Gregg.

  2. Joy

    Ah what a beautiful morning prayer. My prayer is that I allow the reality of that perfect love to be my expression throught out this day. Thank you Gregg.

  3. Zach

    Whenever I feel like I have lost my grasp on peace, I remember that peace is not something that you can hold on to, it’s what is there when you let go of the thing that you really are holding on to, but shouldn’t be. Living life and fully experiencing each moment is where peace is found, not hiding from life in the distractions of the modern world.

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