Come to Light

Come to Light by Gregg Hake

He swam against the crimson sea
And now two-thirds of them agree
He’ll lead one-seventh poor and lame
Who long through truth to be made free.

Will he shepherd in God’s good name
Or prolong the devil’s dark game?
Will seventh heaven come to light
Or will men fallen his heart claim?

The tongues of angels beg him smite
The double-dealing priestly blight
As Saul was bid in times of old
Francis has his Agag in sight.

And so I weave this golden thread
Pulled from the spool of the Godhead.
The Pope will show to whom he’s wed
Let’s pray he shall not be misled.

4 thoughts on “Come to Light

  1. Lady Leo

    Aye aye to that! I send this man the well wishes of a world looking for true leadership. It will take courage and trust in the eternal laws of God. He has, as your poem pointed out, some situations that have to be dealt with immediately that will most likely declare whose man he is. I pray he can do the seemingly tough things. Agag is a chilling apt analogy.

  2. Zach

    Everyone has to make the decision in life who they are working for, and what they will stand for, not in words, but in deeds. It is no different for the world’s powerful or the weak. This is the thing that really separates one man from another.

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