Thank you, Dad.

I’ve learned a great many valuable lessons from my father over the years, but the lesson which stands out most to me this evening is that to truly live you must care deeply about people.

Unlike many people I’ve had the privilege of not only relating to my father as a child, but I’ve also had the incredible privilege of working closely with him over the last few years in our family businesses. He came to us from corporate America, and his experience in that arena helped metamorphose our company from a handful of small “mom-and-pop” outfits to the steadily growing and vertically integrated family of businesses they are today. What’s more impressive to me is that he helped us navigate this complex phase in a way that allowed the soul of the company to remain in tact.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about my father over the last few years, it is that he loves to help people give and do their best, no matter how knotty the circumstances might be. He is a great listener, he’s not quick to judge (both are qualities I admire greatly) and he will rarely tell you what to do. Instead, he has an uncanny ability to lead you to discover your own solutions that somehow consistently end up being the right thing to do.

I am but one of many whose life he has touched and transformed over the years and I count it among my greatest blessings and most significant honors these last 41 years to be called his son.

Thanks for being you, Dad. You never cease to amaze me.

6 thoughts on “Thank you, Dad.

  1. kol

    It is so wonderful that you have a dad that is not only your “dad,” but also a friend. What a blessing that you’ve been able to work together and help so many people as a team.

  2. Coco

    I don’t think there is more fulfilling appreciation to witness then an adult son to his father. It’s an example of one of the finest opportunities this world offers to create something that blesses the world. The commandment was to honor your father and mother. I think how you choose to live your life is where that honor is made evident. Thanks for sharing your story. You’ve been blessed by your father and in turn you have blessed others. And so it goes!

    1. Steve V

      Thanks for your comment in respect to Gregg’s appreciation for his father. As I remember mine I can also say I have appreciated the unique and valuable qualities of his being and living. It is good to see how what is real and true can be perpetuated as we put our heart attention to that.

  3. Chuck Reddick

    I am grateful to say that I am one of those whom you dad has touched Gregg, and what has always stood out to me is his humility. He brings a huge amount to the table, and has always been able to handle a large amount of detail and responsibility with grace. No task was too daunting for him to undertake nor was any task beneath him to perform. And most of all, everything that he did supported your vision and dreams in the building of a company that is making a huge difference in the world. I am blessed to call him a genuine friend as well.

  4. Janice

    What beautiful words to honor your father. He has touched so many lives and has been such an inspiration to me . I remember interviewing with him that first day I arrived here and I admit I was very nervous at first but after we talked, I had such a sense of calm and comfort. Your Dad has an amazing gift. I respect and admire his willingness to go the extra mile for whatever is needed for whatever occasion at anytime. He is one you can always count on and I value everything I have learned and still learning everyday from him.

  5. David R

    The warmth, the twinkle and the intelligence of your father’s spirit has been an inspiration and a blessing on such a broad scale!

    Sometimes it seems that to care deeply for people cuts across so many “good business” practices. Maybe in the short term it does. But over time a foundation built on kindness, reasonable leeway, interest in others and respect for their uniqueness sets a foundation that endures and sparkles!

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