The Magnificence of You

There is a point of centering from which the magnificence of you can be expressed. It is always at hand, no matter how much pressure you’re under, how complicated the situation you’re in might be or how powerless you feel. The key, of course, is to know how to find that place.

I’ve found my daily writing to be an excellent way to gather my thoughts, feelings and impressions into one place and there are no doubt many other ways. Prayer, meditation, musical performance, etc. can also prime the pump, and I imagine the particular means for you to access your point of centering will be unique to you.

If you obsess about achieving and fail to take time to “be” in this sense, to sit quietly yet actively in your point of centering, you might get a lot done but you’ll never feel fulfilled. Your fulfillment depends utterly on the unselfconscious expression of the magnificence of you, so you are wise to find that untroubled place from which greatness emanates.

Most people in our time in the Western world fill their lives with distraction to avoid the shame of abandoning their point of centering. This has created a state where a lot is happening all the time, but very little of consequence is ever getting done.

I am here to remind you that there is another way to live, that your magnificence is not only at hand, but greatly needed. I am here to prime the pump of your living, so that you can rise up out of the state of merely surviving and inspire others to do the same. I am here to reintroduce you to the real you and my great hope is that you will do the same for those on your wire, to complete the circuit.

Our world needs less mundanity and more magnificence. And you, dear friends, are up to the challenge. I believe in you!

7 thoughts on “The Magnificence of You

  1. Teryl

    This time in the morning, doing my readings and then getting some excerise, spiritually and physically, allows me to focus and align so that my day may be productive. This time is sacred and as I have been consistant in its practice I have found everything around me is lifted because of it! Your daily inspiration is making a difference! Thank you.

  2. Chuck Reddick

    So much of the world is so focused on what’s in it for me instead of focusing on what they can provide in the way of genuine value to others. I believe that what you have shared with us today is all about receiving, but not in a self centered way but instead in a way of becoming more valuable as a person and therefore being able to lead a more meaningful life. Thank you for your continued belief in the greatness which resides within of us Gregg, and for your continued sharing of your deepest thoughts and desires on a daily basis. Now the least that I can do is my share.

  3. Steve V

    My meditations of late have been on the matter of sacred sentience. It is good to see how your words are so aligned and that we and others are so interested.

  4. Zach

    I find that without this time to be, you lose the rhythmic ebb and flow pattern of life and everything becomes push push push rather than push-relax-push. Just like we wouldn’t do too well physically without sleep, we don’t do too well with some of our other capacities without this rest. In fact, I would say that they are so deprived in our modern world that we don’t even know we are missing them.
    Only by having some people who are willing to make a change in their own lives and show the difference this can make will we be able to show by example how these types of changes are necessary to a fulfilled life.

  5. Coco

    I’m able to find that place when I take the time and make a quiet space to listen. It feels akin to prayer but instead of asking for something or even repenting for something, it’s more like being available to commune. I do believe there is instruction or direction for each of us but we have to put ourselves in the position to receive it. I also think that the sum of the two parts of that communion create unique and marvelous opportunities that before were not available. Your daily posts have been a catalyst for expansion in my thoughts and heart, thank you.

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