Life’s Vivifying Powers

Nothing is secure but life, transition, the energizing spirit.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be it a doorway, off-ramp or phase of life, every exit is an entrance into something else. There is just no escaping the continuity of life. You can turn your back on it, stop believing in its ability to course through your veins, but in the end life springs eternal.

Never miss an opportunity to yield to life’s vivifying powers. The factors of outer circumstance will be forever shifting, so to attempt to lock in a particular phase of life of which you are particularly fond is a fool’s errand. Life is a flowing spirit, not a fixed point of being, and you are wise to treat it as such by finding ways to clothe the ever-changing expression of that spirit through your body, mind and heart.




2 thoughts on “Life’s Vivifying Powers

  1. strawberryfield

    Blocking the flow of life is like daming a river that cleans and nourishes so much more then is evident on the surface. Most people yearn for a change and then fight change as if it’s the enemy. Relaxing into the current is always a better ride!

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