The Dark Days

I, entombed in a crypt
Of my own making
Peered nervously, skeptically
Through the crooked beams
Of the house of my Being.
Your pellucid words
Strummed my heart strings,
Beseeching a new song –
Not from another’s hymnal
But from my own.
Now I too am risen,
Shepherded by your lambency and
Delivered from the prison bars I
Forged with the hammer of judgment
Upon the anvil of ingratitude.
Those were dark days,
When we first met.
But I, no longer stranger to the light
Now shine resplendently forth,
Illuming the dark days of my confrères.

5 thoughts on “The Dark Days

  1. Zach

    It is great how you can both look back at another’s progress in this way, and it is great to to be able to see my own progress as well. However, I think that the truly amazing thing is that we will most likely describe where we are now similarly when we have made an equal amount of progress forward into the future. Thanks, as always, for the amazing writing.


  2. Coco

    Stirring and encouraging, thank you. As we recognize the life we’re not living, it compels us to make the changes. I agree that the fundamental change needed is the habit of judgement . I think when someone makes that switch they pretty quickly begin to be seen. Their shinning illuminates the path for some while it blinds and provokes others. The point is not how others receive it but that we do it. I think this poem is my favorite of yours so far. Our dark days become evident as the courageous innately illuminate our choices.


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