Consent to Concede

Consent to Concede by Gregg Hake

We are too much of this world, then and now,
Trading birthrights for a mess of pottage;
Forsaking true intercourse for frottage,
Dominion lost in domination’s dow!
The sea of glass churned by earth-tiller’s plough,
Crystal no more but occluded by flotage;
Vision enclosed by walls of man’s plottage,
We labor in vain and strain for the sough
Of good news. – Rise up! Lift this great torment,
From vexed mind and shameful heart scarred by greed,
Seared by hate, torn by strife, choked by lament,
By quitting the farce: consent to concede.
To win we must lose, unbend and repent,
For orientation that spawned misdeed.

9 thoughts on “Consent to Concede

  1. Ricardo B.

    Allegiances are no small thing, for they reveal you true master. Every circumstance you face in life declares your alliances, for the choice you make in the moment comes in representation of your beliefs and convictions. These beliefs determine how you will act and thus if you really want to change a behavior, you probably have to replace some deeply held belief that you may not even know is there. It’s ok though, for the new belief is always superior when the new behavior is better for you.
    So, yes, to win a life worth living, you must lose a life worth losing!


  2. Zach

    I work daily to make the words and the spirit that comprise this poem reality in my life, yet there always seems like there is so much more to fix. Letting go of our own stubbornness will not instantly fix the world, but it is available to all of us each and every moment, and it is where I must start if I am fulfill my purpose. The same is true for everyone.

    Consistency is key. Even one ripple in a still pool can have an effect that far outlasts the touch.


  3. David R

    Perhaps the reticence to repent is locked by the sense of how much there is to repent for. Still, the release has to start somewhere, and without repentance there can be no forgiveness, without forgiveness no clean place to begin, with no place to begin no hope of ending in the right place. Release in humility begins the whole process on the right note.


    1. Gregg Hake

      Good point, David. You have to start where you are and why not start by getting some experience relative to the smaller, more manageable elements in need of redirection?


  4. Lady Leo

    Your poem encourages the fortitude to check what is my actual orientation. I read something yesterday that Bill O’Riley said in his pseudo debate with John Stewart that, “There are people — Americans — who want to hear hate.” He was commenting on the reason for the low level of discourse in our country. If this is true there can be no surprise as to our direction as a country. So it is individually. What do I gravitate to? What are my defaults under pressure? I guess using the popular vernacular I’d say “It’s the orientation, stupid.” Thanks for the spark!


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