Message of Hope

Message of Hope by Gregg Hake

There I sat in a forest of verdant desolation
Nature yet strong, in stark contrast to
Man waning in waxing arrogance

Entrusted to deliver the message of hope
I walked barefooted o’er soft and fragrant soil
Rejected by others less thankful as barren

Reclined by the quiet rivulet
Watching past, present and future
Unfold before my softened eyes and yielded heart

As water bugs danced upon the surface I heard
The sacred hymn of love set to meter of truth –
Oh glorious music of life!

Humming atoms, flicked into motion by hand unseen
Gyrating, dancing, transmuting through harmony
Forming intricate patterns: invisible made visible

I transcribe this message from my book of life
Word for word from hallowed pages
Written in golden ink upon living paper:

Sit. Be still. Thou are worthy
To incline thine heart to the hymn of love
And pour thy soul into giving it voice.

10 thoughts on “Message of Hope

  1. Zach

    Beautiful poem, Gregg! We live in a world that is in some ways desolate and in some ways very verdant. It is our responsibility to see the verdant and to increase its power and influence. I appreciate your daily lessons on doing just that.


  2. Coco

    What beautiful poetry you’ve been writing. Thank you for sharing it with us. I believe there are those whose poetry is divinely inspired and I count you among them. There’s an energy that is delivered through your words. I deeply appreciate your work.


  3. Lady Leo

    I hear your message and it inspires me to listen more carefully to what is being said to me. Feeling oppressed by what mankind has set in motion can dull the ability to hear the hymn of love. I take to my heart your message to be still, that I am worthy and join you with my voice. Let it be so!


  4. Ricardo B.

    A message of unmistakeable intent, one whose dense imagery speaks to the great urgency of our times while providing the golden keys that unlock the heart’s intrinsic faith in all things beautiful and true. A message worth spreading –


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