Threads of Central Purpose

Yesterday I had the good pleasure of formalizing two promotions, making a job offer to an intern and extending the internship of a promising student. Today we’re hiring three new associates for our shipping and manufacturing teams. With so much change afoot my greatest concerns are to maintain continuity, to preserve momentum and to keep the peace.

There are threads of central purpose which must be carried through any process of change. Identifying those threads is one of the most important steps in managing a process of change. These threads may relate to the core values of a company, the central purpose of a team or the primary goals of a project.

The failure to identify, protect and apply the threads of central purpose is one of the the most common reasons for failure. It is a primary cause of apathy, passivity and frenzy. Without a clear sense of central purpose, action, especially in times of change, we will most likely be misguided.

What are the threads of central purpose in your job, or more broadly, in your world?

9 thoughts on “Threads of Central Purpose

  • Whenever times are changing more quickly than usual, it pays to make sure that where you are going is the same as where you actually should be going. I think of it like making a turn in a race car. You might have to slow down a bit before the turn so you don’t crash, but the sooner you can put your foot back on the throttle in the turn, the better. That is, as long as you made the turn in the right direction. Purpose is a steering mechanism, and it takes much of the uncertainty out of times of change.

    • Thanks Zach for your reply to Greg’s post. I like your analogy how purpose is our steering mechanism. Obviously there is a lot at stake for a race driver approaching a turn which could be said for our lives as well.

  • I liked your point about not only identifying the threads of central purpose, but protecting and applying them. If we can identify our purpose, which is step one, it is just theory unless we can live by it, nurture it, stand by it steadfastly and express it into our world.

  • Understanding the central purpose of any endeavor is often a critical factor in its success. In times of stress, which can be growth as well as peril, coming back to that as a guiding principle can provide the structure for navigating safely. I think this holds true for everything including relationships. Congratulations and I wish you continued success!

  • Great to hear! I love to read good news. I’m not surprised. Your company sounds like it’s an good place to work.

  • Identifying the Central Purpose of what we do, be it for a company or as an individual, is central to being able to honor the basic principles of success. And perhaps the one thing that I love most about sales is that it’s central purpose is Service. That is correct, everything that one does who is in sales needs to connect back to this single and central purpose – service.

  • Regularly squaring feeling, thought and action to purpose is so simple and yet so profound in its implications. It is remarkable how often activities can depart from their original intent, or how easily irrelevent elements can begin to hold sway. Automatic navigation devices are always sampling parameters of travel and checking them with the established plan, recalculating as needed. We need to have the same habit!

  • You ask the question, “What are the threads of central purpose in your job, or more broadly, in your world?” Integrity, respect, kindness, connectedness. openness, ability to correct as needed are some of the things that come to mind.

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