Threads of Central Purpose

Yesterday I had the good pleasure of formalizing two promotions, making a job offer to an intern and extending the internship of a promising student. Today we’re hiring three new associates for our shipping and manufacturing teams. With so much change afoot my greatest concerns are to maintain continuity, to preserve momentum and to keep the peace.

There are threads of central purpose which must be carried through any process of change. Identifying those threads is one of the most important steps in managing a process of change. These threads may relate to the core values of a company, the central purpose of a team or the primary goals of a project.

The failure to identify, protect and apply the threads of central purpose is one of the the most common reasons for failure. It is a primary cause of apathy, passivity and frenzy. Without a clear sense of central purpose, action, especially in times of change, we will most likely be misguided.

What are the threads of central purpose in your job, or more broadly, in your world?