Are you ready?

Morning dawns are you ready? by Gregg Hake

Mist rising from lake below
Air rich with summery scents
Infusing earth’s crescendo
Heart is filled with what presents.

All things made new
Not one refrain
Doth nature feign
I heed her cue.

My world today unfolds
A new song, a new day
Infused with fresh bouquet
This charge my life upholds.

9 thoughts on “Are you ready?

  1. Steve Ventola

    Thank you again for opening the door to the experience of life that is always at hand.
    I appreciate you and all so inclined as I accept responsibility to keep that door open for all in my world.


  2. Lady Leo

    Your poetry reflects your reverence for life, thank you. Yesterday’s and today’s poems point to where the responsibilty for my life experience ultimately lies. Will I become my worst enemy, the one “Lurking in dark halls.( of my mind) Heeding when fear calls. (with my heart) Loving idols self graven. ( whatever I fear or love through the power of my free will)? Or will I let “… A new song, a new day, Infused with fresh bouquet, This charge my life upholds.”? We are charged with awesome responsibilty. Our own fulfillment and happiness depend on the success we have with it but my scope of vision has to be greater. Who really knows where they are placed as a cog in this magnificent machinery of eternal progress?


  3. Ricardo B.

    Good day – a salutation to the recognition of the wonderful potentials ahead, at the beginning hour. It’s giving the day ahead the respect it deserves, as every day is unique unto itself and will never again be seen. With this consistently in mind, one’s life becomes a weave of everlasting wonder as that respect is honored throughout the day by being present in every thing you do. That is what to me integrity is all about, simply being consistent in all your expressions – so why say good day if you don’t really mean it, if you don’t intend on following through with it? A ‘good day’ carries with it a great deal of responsibility – say it like you mean it!


  4. A beautiful acknowledgement of a new day. And an excellent reminder of the way to meet this special time given to us. It is wonderful to stand or sit facing the East and wait for the sun to come up, to become aware of all of the beauty that we seldom stop to see, or value. A simple ancient pray for us was “Great Spirit may I walk this day in beauty, in harmony with all my relatives – the four legged, the two legged, the winged ones, and the green ones”. Simple words carrying so much promise.


  5. Zach

    Once again, beautiful poem! Every morning we have the chance to start fresh. Whether we made the wrong choices previously and can start making the right ones, or we have been making the right ones and can continue onward and upward, everyone has the same ability to start a new day every day.


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