People of Accomplishment

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” ~ Leonardo Davinci

I feel blessed to be friends with a great many people of accomplishment, people whose life work is the betterment of humanity. Some may not describe themselves as such, but the truth of the matter is that anyone who seeks to lead an uncommon life – to lead where others have hidden in the shadows, to persist where others have given up and to shine where others have let their candle be snuffed – is a person of accomplishment.

Rather than choose a specific New Year’s resolution, why not resolve to be a person of accomplishment? If you truly commit, you’ll find that whatever you set your sights on – as long as it is harmonious with the spirit of blessing – is within your power to achieve. While giving up those things which detract from your greatness and your ability to be of service to others is important (the “to-not dos“), more important is what you plan to do with yourself, your faculties and your resources in the year to come (the “to-dos“)!

5 thoughts on “People of Accomplishment

  1. Marianne Brandon

    Best advice for how to embrace the spirit of what should be behind real resolve, or resolution, ANY time of the year! Thanks!!


  2. Colin

    This is a great idea for a resolution! It is so multi
    faceted, I see it as a tone that could overlay the new year, or
    even as a litmus test. For everything you do, ask: “is this moving
    me towards or away from my goal of being a person of
    accomplishment?” Have a happy New Year!


  3. Joshua

    Greatly appreciate your timing as always, I was watching a
    video made by the president of a company with which I am going to
    associate and seek to accomplish with in the new year! Their main
    objective is people helping people, which couldn’t be more rich
    with opportunity for blessing. My resolve is set to accomplish, and
    I thank-you tremendously for aiding me in arriving at this point. I
    couldn’t have wished for a more successful year, it has been a
    wonderful journey for which I am deeply grateful, and excited to
    happen to the next!!!! Loving Living Life!


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