Orientation is Everything

You are wise to consider your motivations before you resolve to change the course of your life and the world. If the sole purpose of the resolutions you plan to make is to better yourself – physically, aesthetically, mentally or spiritually – as an end rather than a means to an end, the first step you take will be in the direction of failure.

Rather than make that mistake again, look instead to base your resolutions on ways that you can improve your ability to enhance the lives of others. Make them outward, rather than inward. What you end up doing may be no different, but the motivation that lies beneath the action matters more than you might imagine.

The spirit of your words and actions carries more weight than their content and form. Further, the quality of spirit is determined by your orientation. If your heart is centered in what are often called “the spirits of this world,” such as anger, bitterness, complaint and  disdain, then your words and actions will inevitably carry the signature of the same. There is no way to circumvent this basic principle of life.

Changing your behavior (aka trying to be a better person) without addressing the underlying disorientation is foolish, for as soon as you turn your attention to other matters, the old motivation will reproduce the old behaviors, often without you detecting the shift. Sound familiar?

Look instead to resolve to make a change in orientation, first and foremost, and the changes that follow will be grounded in a sustainable, meaningful and purposeful spirit.

Orientation is everything.

Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “Orientation is Everything

  1. Coco

    Had to stop by and see what your subject was for the 1st day of 2011.
    What a profound thought. If lasting change is to take place, the heart has to be the first place to start. Really I’ve found if my heart changes the rest follows naturally.
    Happy New year.


  2. Colin

    This makes perfect sense. There is a reason that each of us acts a certain way, and it is deeper than our daily conscious lives. Without changing that, how can we ever hope to make a meaningful change in ourselves? Most people think that being healthy/happy/productive/etc. are important, but who cares if you have a healthy person that never does anything? I can see where orientation and motivation would make the difference. I think this is a main reason no one can keep their new years resolutions! Thanks and happy new year!


  3. kolya

    What a perfect start to a new year! I plan on using this is the basis for all of my planning and goals and look forward to seeing the results!


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