Resolve to end to Procrastination

An Irish Blessing

“May you always be blessed
with walls for the wind,
a roof for the rain,
a warm cup of tea by the fire,
laughter to cheer you,
those you love near you,
and all that your heart might desire.”

As we approach the New Year I’d like to take a moment to thank you for following my blog and to congratulate you to the degree that you’ve taken steps to live an uncommon life. My wish to you is that you know happiness, purpose and meaning, not as an end, but as a means to an end.

To what end? That your life might be an inspiration to others, that the future might be changed for the better. But why wait until the New Year? You have two whole days left in this one! Imagine how much you can change in two days. If I had a magic wand, I’d love to cure the world of procrastination, for it is the root of many ills.

Procrastination not only spoils the blessings ready to be born into the world at any given moment, but it also causes a ripple effect, a wave of doubt, uncertainty and failure that destabilize the future for you and others beyond you. If you eschew procrastination – either gradually or by going cold turkey – you will no longer find it difficult to dedicate yourself to a higher purpose. When you give up procrastination, you give up trying and what’s left is the unwavering ability to get things done.

Life, like music, has a rhythm to it. Move in accordance with that rhythm and achievement displaces futility and frustration. Not everyone can dance, but everyone has the capacity to move gracefully and harmoniously with the pulsations of life. These pulsations surge from within and one of the primary blockages to developing the sensitivity to the rhythms of life is the nasty habit of procrastination.

Like all habits, this one can be changed. All it takes is resolve and fortunately, everyone can afford resolve!

7 thoughts on “Resolve to end to Procrastination

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  2. kolya

    I do believe, why put off tomorrow what you can do to day
    as you never know what opportunites that may await you. If you’ve
    done what you needed to do in the right time, then you will be
    available and ready to seize the next opportunity!


  3. J.J.Mc

    What an unusual way to describe the understanding of
    timing;”the pulsations of life”. I’m always interested in this
    subject as it seems to be one of the basic ingredients to present
    happiness, success and a legacy worth inheriting.Here are some of
    the “everyday” ways it’s mentioned. 1. timing is everything 2.
    everything in it’s season 3. knowing when to hold’em and when to
    fold’em 4. fools rush in where Angels fear to tread I could list a
    dozen other ways we frame this crucial theme.Comedians,
    politicians, and all types of businesses absolutely depend on their
    acumen on this subject. Yesterday’s post is a good start to end
    procrastination. When I can hear the “ten thousand truths” I am
    acutely aware of timing and I also find the propulsion to do the
    thing. I love that your blog reads like a book; each post builds on
    the theme. I’ve enjoyed your blog this year and notice that my
    musings on your topics are finding their way into my habits. I’m
    more aware of appreciation and forgiveness then I ever have been.
    My “leaning” was to be appreciative and forgiving; now I believe
    that the power in just those alone could change a life,a family, a
    nation and our world. I see it as the “grease” that moves this
    machine onward and upward. I also love the authors, speakers,
    poetry and fellow bloggers you’ve introduced. Dynamic, and some
    unusual, testaments to the practical value of appreciation and
    forgiveness. Thanks Gregg,I hope you and your family have a happy
    and healthy New Year.I’m looking forward to reading more in


  4. Joshua

    I’m with you! Today is the perfect day to end
    procrastinating…..that being said I’ve got tonnes to do today!!!
    Oh, and tomorrow….Thanks Gregg, I accept your challenge eagerly!
    Let it be done!


  5. Colin

    I have noticed this happening to me before. The times when I have procrastinated, it almost seems like time takes on a different quality. Before you know it, the time allotted for your task is up and you are left feeling rushed and dissatisfied. Thanks!


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