Refine or Coarsen

Every situation you face, every conversation you engage in, and every feeling you choose to back with the weight of your thoughts, words and deeds gives you the opportunity to either refine or coarsen on the physical, mental, and ‘spiritual expression’ planes of being. Choose refinement and you will move closer to an experience of clarity of purpose, certainty of meaning, and purity of intention. Choose coarsening and you will slide deeper into an experience of doubt, nihilism, and guile.

You are doing one or the other, regardless of the outer configuration of circumstance.

Put in perhaps slightly archaic but more holistic terms, the two options are described as sanctification and desecration. You make whole and holy or you hold captive and corrupt. It is one or the other. Your capacity of free will gives you the means of being either a creator or a destroyer in your individual and shared fields of responsibility. No one, no thing, and no pattern of circumstance can make you one or the other.

The choice is yours and only yours.

Choose creation; future you will thank you.

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