Stand Corrected

“I was wrong.”

You cannot move gracefully toward a greater understanding of truth without a willingness to stand corrected, regardless of the provenance of the correction. It’s ok to admit you are wrong; in fact, to admit you are wrong is to give evidence of the strength of your character, especially when so admitting produces a temporary loss in position, reputation, or influence.

It’s a simple matter, really, when the desire to align yourself with truth is held to be more important than your need to be seen as bring right. No matter what you may appear to lose in the short term by relinquishing your allegiance to an untruth, you will always find that you win in the long run if you are true to the truth.

Allow yourself to stand corrected when the light of truth shines upon you in some new way. It will be uncomfortable, but don’t retreat into the shadows of ignorance for a sense of relief from the discomfort, rather, lean forward into the light. Let yourself be cleansed by the truth.

Stand tall. Stand corrected.

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