The Policy of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal as a human being. Forgiveness purifies your heart and liberates your mind. It releases you from the tyranny of past grievances and offenses, rendering them powerless insofar as your expression is concerned.

There are no exclusions or limitations in the policy of forgiveness. Forgiveness transcends religious, political, racial and social barriers. Anything and anyone may be forgiven without consent or caveat. Moreover, forgiveness is not limited by time. An ancient wrong is just as easily forgiven as a recent transgression.

Forgiveness is the sword which slices effortlessly through the Gordian knots of unrelieved tension within you. Forgiveness restores the flow of love from the wonderful one within you to your outer capacities of body, mind, and heart. No offense is greater than forgiveness, for forgiveness is an aspect of the radiant action of love.

Just as you would not wish others to have control over your expression, do not have control over theirs. Therefore, you must forgive without expectation of results. Content yourself with having a clear conscience, an uncluttered mind, and an untroubled heart. Why was it said that the pure in heart are blessed? Because they “shall see God,” that is, they will recognize the pattern of spirit which overcomes all limitation, constriction, and ill will.

Whatever you refuse to forgive, you hold as a judgment over yourself.

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