The Coarsening of Consciousness

The present era is marked by a deepening collapse of the sacred into the secular. There are many reasons for this, but the primary cause is a widespread coarsening of consciousness.

Consciousness has both a receptive and a transmissive quality. It is that which, properly functioning, connects us both to the music of the spheres “above” and the wonders of creation “below.” When consciousness falls, that is, when its receptive capacity is focused downward—down and out into the world of circumstance—it sounds as though the music of the spheres stops playing.

This, of course, is an illusion. The music of the spheres does not stop, but the receptive nature of consciousness becomes clogged with the immaterial. This is the equivalent of an ear canal blocked by wax. The sound vibrations in the environment that would normally be transformed into nerve impulses no longer do so, not because the sounds are no longer there, but because they are landing on so-called “deaf ears.”

When the mechanism of consciousness no longer functions as it should, vision and perspective are lost and the sacred collapses into the secular. In such a state, human consciousness declares: “I sit a queen, but am no widow…” and the wisdom, sense of connection, and true identity that naturally emerge through a rightly-seated consciousness are soon forgotten.

When the sacred collapses into the secular, the sense of disconnection, loneliness, insecurity, and emptiness tends to grow unchecked. The “guardian angel,” that is, the conscious mind typically wears itself out and falls into a trance-like state. Soon after, all hell, as it is said, breaks loose.

It’s easy to see why this would occur. Human consciousness is limited. It fits within a larger spectrum of consciousness, but it is not the “be all and end all,” the “Alpha and the Omega” of the universe, let alone this solar system. When consciousness is functioning sub-optimally, that which is “below”—the earth and all that dwells therein—suffers.

Conversely, when consciousness is raised, connection and balance are restored. Moreover, manufactured identities wane as true identify waxes and conflicting, self-generated truths which are little more than glorified, myopic personal opinions (i.e. “your” truth and “my” truth) give way to the understanding and expression of the truth.

Raising consciousness, however, has not proven to be an easy task through the ages. Priesthoods have repeatedly debased the religious institutions that might otherwise have served as: 1) a placeholder for righty-seated consciousness and 2) a levee for a dangerous stream. When these priesthoods fail, the responsibility they carry typically tends to fall to institutions even less-well equipped to hold the standard such as political (e.g. governments) and commercial institutions (e.g. businesses). The fact that companies are now taking moral stands in our time should tell us something.

There is, was, and always will be a consequence to everyone doing what is right in his own eyes. When we act as if we are the only actor, capable of self-determination independent of the larger, coordinating influences at work in the universe, we are doomed to repeat our failures and to devolve—once again— into chaos and darkness.

Human progress is entirely predicated on an upward orientation in the heart and mind of mankind. Human activity matters only to the degree that it articulates that which is above with that which is below. To ignore that which is above with the aim of bringing order to that which is below achieves little more than rearranging the deck furniture on a sinking ship.

This is as true in the individual life as it is in the body of humanity. Trying to bring order to your world without a larger sense of purpose and identity feels more like frenzy than meaningful creation. Trying to make something of yourself or trying to “get a life” feels empty, even when we accomplish our goals. In this state, life becomes a game of whack-a-mole, where attention is consumed by fires and a good day is one in which everything doesn’t burn down.

If you feel your life is out of control, you don’t need to impose more control by working harder, smarter, etc. To regain control you must find ways to let your conscious be refined. Specifically, you must learn (or remember) how to listen to, respond to, dance to, the music of the spheres.

That music is still playing. It has never stopped and it is forever made new. The question is: are you willing to hear it and move with it? Are you willing to be made new? Are you willing to make all things new?

Your consciousness is designed to hear this music, so it’s more a matter of letting than it is of trying. The sacred exists for a reason; to begin with, the secular cannot thrive without it. You cannot live vibrantly without it.

Making this one change will change the way you see the world, but more importantly, it will change the way you see yourself.

The nexus of consciousness that you represent matters. You matter…more than you might imagine and the future of humankind hangs in the balance.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinksi on Unsplash.

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