A More Noble Life

There is, from within, whether or not you can understand it or recognize just what it is or where it comes from, the urge toward a more noble life: the urge toward understanding your purpose here, why you came, what your particularized capacities are. There is an urge toward the realization of that which YOU, and only you can do; because, we have recognized before, there is some purpose which only you can fulfill.

No other person on the face of the earth can step in and do it. There may be overlapping; someone may provide a substitute; but there is that which you, and you alone, can provide.

You cannot look within for details this urge; neither can you chart your own course successfully, independent of this urge. You fulfill this urge, and it becomes clearer to you, as you serve others.

Your own fulfillment as an individual—the revelation of your noble heritage—depends upon your effectiveness in assisting others toward fulfillment.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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