Are you stuck, feeling like you’re getting nowhere? Consider this.

Personal progress is a common side-effect of doing something for others. When you feel like you’re getting nowhere, whether it is writer’s block or a general pattern of frustration about your life at the moment, the best remedy just might be serving another in some unexpected and impromptu way.

Such frustrations in life have a way of hooking into deeper, and possibly unrelated feelings of malaise or futility. A little blockage might feel like an impenetrable wall of steel and concrete, even though it is little more than a leaf caught on a twig in the stream of creative living. 

Rather than fussing with the blockage and saying to yourself, “If only this or that were different…if only I had this or that…”, look instead to do something for someone else as soon as possible. Don’t dilly-dally; don’t convince yourself that it must be something elaborate and then start making impossible plans to do the improbable. Just do something small with great love, quickly. 

Restore the flow of creativity and positivity in you and through you and you’ll be a better person or at least be in a better space personally, instantly.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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