Rising Thoughts

These thoughts crowded upon the tip of my pen this morning. I hope you find them useful, if not inspiring…

You are way more capable than you have tended to demonstrate, but you knew that already. You may have forgotten, however, that you won’t come to rest until you reveal your highest and finest, continuously. This is a call to remembrance.

Believe in yourself unreservedly for at least 30 minutes today. You are significantly more capable than you have tended to be.

If the outer “you”—your body, mind and heart—sinks to the level of an opponent, accuser, or oppressor, the inner “you” will haunt you until you replace your crown and rise up.

Your conscience and your “gut” will mislead you on occasion, but more often than not they are echos from heaven.

You are always better off aiming for the ideal than settling for mediocrity by being less than you are.

If you saw you as I see you, the world would soon be a better place.

When truth shapes your bow, blessing lies in your wake.

The shadow of the Almighty is cast by the fire within you, but you must open the furnace door.

The door to your greatness and fulfillment opens not by trying, but by letting.

The fire that burns, light that glows and cloud of glory of the Old Testament are the love, the truth and the life of the New Testament. They are one and the same. It is One Story and your life is written within its pages.

Aim high today. Even if you miss the mark you’ll still land above your previous aiming point.

Fearing change significantly increases the likelihood that the worst will happen.

The busyness by most is a coverup for failing to live up to their highest calling.

There is a perfect, unspoiled, sinless, angelic focalization of Being within you; it’s the rest of you that tends to hold you back.

If you let yourself be more offended by the offense than you are worshipful of the ideal in any given moment, then you shall fall short of the highest good.

You move in the direction of your response.

What has your heart has you.

All you can do is all you can do.

Letting is simply a matter of learning to Be, of yielding to the greatness within. The inner you—the individualized aspect of God that you are—is perfect. Be ye therefore perfect.

Photo by Kyle Cottrell on Unsplash

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