Set Free

Most people live in prisons of their own making. They serve self-imposed life sentences, confined within walls poured of prejudice and grudges and they look out upon the world through bars forged by fears, worries and wants.

In this state, each one is his own jailer.

Solitary confinement is the human condition when man is disconnected from truth. Truth sets a man free. Free from what? Free from prisons of his own making.

By truth I do not mean the commonly conveyed bumper-sticker beliefs and superficial nods to righteousness. By truth I mean the principles of being, the design and control factors through which love is pressed into life.

Only truth can set you free. Not money, not power, not fame. A well-appointed prison cell is still a prison cell.

You are only freed to the degree that you set others free. Free from what? Free from ignorance and fear. Free from self-imposed straitjackets of false identity. Free from the worship of absence.

You cannot liberate another, but you can create the conditions in which those you serve might choose freedom. Forgive them, appreciate them. Love them. Show them what freedom looks like.

Be free in your limitations even before you are free of them. Resist not evil. Radiate into the world you center rather than trying to extract joy and liberty from it.

Be a blessing no matter what befalls you.

Photo credit Damir Spanic on Unsplash

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