Radical Honesty

Humanity is skating on thin ice.

The lines between reality and unreality, truth and opinion, have never been so blurred as they are in our era. In a world where appearances trump substance, it’s increasingly challenging to find solid footing.

I’m often asked about where to start in the face of such monumental nonsense.

My advice? Radical honesty. Stop faking it and start facing it.

You must be honest with yourself before you can be honest with others or even, believe it or not, with your Maker. If you are dishonest with yourself, you effectively wall yourself off from the help which is invariably at hand. Moreover, when you are dishonest with yourself, you shield the area in question from the healing currents which flow abundantly from within outward and from above down.

The right use of free will is the key to unlocking reality.

Free will is a powerful tool, in fact, it is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal as a race. Used wisely, it propels us to heights unimaginable. When it is misused, or worse, abused, we create hell on earth and misery for ourselves.

Let’s work together on this. I’m willing to be honest. Are you?

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