Subluxation is a chiropractic term used to describe a partial dislocation or slight misalignment of the vertebrae that causes many health problems. Chiropractors posit that the misalignment causes a frustration of the life force or energy that would naturally flow through that juncture and they see this restriction as the root cause of many symptoms of ill health in the human body. I would argue that this is as true spiritually in the individual as it is physically.

Think about it this way: have you ever had a situation in which your mind was telling you one thing and you heart another? When heart and mind are at odds, forward movement and clear spiritual expression is difficult. You might sense a new direction is correct, but your mind gives you a thousand and one reasons why it might not be. Heart and mind must be in alignment for their to be powerful, sure-footed forward movement and radiant spiritual expression.

The same could be said of the times where we hold conflicting beliefs or commands in our subconscious minds. We all know that computers don’t do well when there are conflicting commands in the operating system. When this happens, computers or phones tend to freeze up. The same is true when we hold incompatible beliefs in our minds. Consider the internal conflict of a person who believes that God is a God of love on the one hand and that God is a fickle, sometimes angry and vengeful God on the other. These conflicting beliefs cause a paralysis, which blocks the flow of energy, the life force in the individual and consequently distorts spiritual expression, that is, the outward shining of the inner light.

The power of your expression is modulated by the alignment of your body, mind and heart. Where there is alignment, your expression will move mountains. You will feel invincible, unstoppable, and that feeling will be backed by a clarity of perception and thought. You will feel and be wise and assured. Where there is misalignment, on the other hand or where your heart is troubled, your mind is clouded, or your body is stagnant or exhausted, you will feel weak, depressed, and impotent in the face of the challenges in your life. You will feel and be indecisive and insecure. Alignment is key.

The real question is to what will your body, mind and heart be aligned? What will anchor your agreement? The principle of alignment works both ways. Orient in the spirits of love and truth and you will be incredibly creative. Orient in the spirits of hate and lies and you will be equally destructive. There is only one power; your orientation determines the quality and nature of your expression.

If you feel there is a mixture in you, do not worry. Every subluxation in this sense can be corrected. It takes time and deliberate action, but inner alignment, and the vigor and clarity you long for, is at hand.

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

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