Wellspring of Inspiration

The wellspring of inspiration is the fountain of youth. You cannot drink from it without sharing it, for the rejuvenating qualities of the waters of inspiration are only sustainable as they are given again, once received. If you try to take inspiration to yourself and don’t share it, it will quickly fade and you will once again find yourself searching for more.

Whenever and wherever you are inspired, look right away to be an inspiration to others. You needn’t proselytize; you can actually give inspiration freely, without expectation of a return or recompense. This is what I mean when I say “Let love radiate without concern for results.”

From what I can tell the world is in great need of people who are willing to stick their neck out in this regard. There will, of course, be those who accuse you of having ulterior motives or who sit back with their arms crossed, waiting for you to make a mistake or to offend them in some way so they can write you off and escape the pressure of being around someone who is genuinely interested in selfless service, but you needn’t pay much mind to them. The naysayers are a dime a dozen in this world. They’ll have their reward so you needn’t invest in them.

The true gold, however, is in those who are not only willing to be inspired, but who then take the next step which is to find the way(s) share their inspiration with others – not just every now and again, but day in and day out. And I, my friends, believe that you are capable of that!

Photo by Andy Wang on Unsplash

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