Noble Spirit

Mankind is filled with the potential and promise of greatness. His birth, be it in a high place or a low one according to earthly measures, is an aperture through which the light of love and waters of truth might pour forth into the earth in a fresh and marvelous way.

Each and every person born on earth is granted a body, a mind, and a heart, all of which are vehicles for the magnification of the spirit that he is in essence. He is given free will, the opportunity to align himself with the coordinating influences of spirit that pulse through consciousness, and he is granted free reign (within the laws of being) to make all things new. He is, in spirit and in flesh, designed to create.

Why then, if he is designed so wondrously, does he tend to act abominably? Why does he curse when he is ordained to bless? Why does he tear down when he is fully capable of building up? Why does he confound when he is built to enlighten?

Put simply, he has forgotten. He has forgotten why he came to the place that he did at the time that he did. He has failed to remember his commission, the purpose for this remarkable corner of creation, and he has lost sight of the task at hand. It is easy to understand why he has been amnesic, for little on earth is as it could and should be.

Consciousness, despite the many scientific advances of the last 300 or 400 years, is at an all-time low. Hearts are perpetually troubled and minds are constantly disturbed. The cool of the day never seems to come as the heat of the moment is constantly stoked by powerful and clever forces seeking to consume and direct our attention. Many have all but given up on walking in the Garden for fear of getting mugged and being stripped of what little they’ve managed to scrape together to cover the shame of their naked ambition and debilitating insecurities.

What, then is required? How can we escape this hell on earth? No matter what you’ve done or left undone up to this point, each moment of your life is a new and unique opportunity for the expression of original blessing. You must, of course, learn to think anew, relinquish prejudices, receive forgiveness and forgive others for their transgressions, and let this and each successive day be the worst day of the rest of your life. You must, in a word, learn to let.

You must let go of those things that no longer serve you or others. You must put childish tendencies away, just as a child would a blanket or doll that gave him comfort at a certain stage of life. You must let go to the highest and finest in yourself as you encourage those within your field of influence to do the same. You mustn’t demand but you may harness the power of expectation. You must invest trust in yourself and others in measures that exceed your or their self-trust. You must, in every encounter, in every thought, word, and deed, let love radiate without concern for results.

I realize that this is a far cry from the invective and malaise that fills the hearts, minds and air between so many these days, but you are called to reveal your greatness…by me, perhaps, but more importantly, from within. You are not here to roam the earth aimlessly, picking fights along the way, defending your ego and opinions from the slings and arrows of those who do not see eye to eye with you. No, you are here to give the highest and finest of which you are presently aware a voice and a body, not just when it can be seen by others, but always.

You are here to reveal the noble spirit that you are. So, be perfect. Stop excusing yourself by blaming others or the field of circumstance you are privileged to serve in. You have the capability, you have the means, you have the authority to let the struggle end within you. You were designed with this in mind. And remember: perfection comes more easily if you make it a habit of letting go of those spirits that destroy you and letting go to those spirits that fortify you.

Think about it this way. Every time you excuse yourself from expressing your inner greatness (e.g. “I’m not strong enough, smart enough, sensitive enough, rich enough, powerful enough, man enough, woman enough, old enough, young enough, experienced enough, patient enough, good-looking enough,” etc.) you are saying to your creator — be it God or kindlier nature — “It’s your fault. You built me wrong!”

Blame might make you feel better temporarily, but it never leads to the deep and lasting fulfillment of a life well-lived. You can know fulfillment, peace, and tranquility, no matter where you are in your life, what you have done, or what you have left undone, but you must answer the call and trust in yourself as I trust in you.

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