A few thoughts for you on the matter of enlightenment that will hopefully give you starting points for reflection…

Enlightenment liberates us from the tyranny of petty things. It frees us from binding opinion, false judgments, and the confines of the material world.

Enlightenment is the direct result of connection with truth, of personal communion with the absolute. In an enlightened state, our feelings are weighted wisely, our thoughts are formed cleanly, and our actions are executed precisely and without hesitation or regret.

Enlightenment is at hand. It is free, accessible to all, and in abundant supply. It is only a rare commodity in expression because we content ourselves with the veneer of civilization and are addicted to its delicacies.

Enlightenment comes when we let ourselves be unshackled and exit Plato’s cave, when see the world as it truly is and not as shadows of reality cast upon the wall. It may be blinding at first, but fear not, the light of truth brings a comfort more profound than anything man has devised in its stead.

Our future need not be filled with anguish, neither must we be captive to abstract powers and self-imposed constructs. We need not be starved and exhausted by harried living, neither must we be blind to nature’s truths and ignorant of natural law.

We can know truth and truth alone can set us free. In truth we find purpose, meaning, vision. Without truth, we labor in vain.

Peace be with you, my friends.

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