neonbrand-KYxXMTpTzek-unsplashAs we discussed yesterday, letting go of the state of mediocrity requires specific, deliberate action. It also requires a laser-focused state of mind and heart.

Mediocrity is the evidence of the refusal to be fully present, here and now. There is but one point in time that matters: now. The past is dead time and the future is likewise unborn. Nothing will happen in the past and nothing will happen in the future; things only happen now.

We have all lost ourselves outside of now. Any time we’ve reminisced about or bemoaned the past or longed for or worried about the future, we’ve split our focus and therefore our attention. So doing necessitated that we abandon our post in the reality of the present moment. Most people spend a major chunk of their their precious time outside of the reality of the present moment.

The point of power, the fullness of the greatness within you is always and only available in the now. That greatness is only imaginary, a relic or construct of the mind, when considered in relation to the past or the future. YOU — the vibrant, magnificent, eternal, beautiful, mighty being that YOU are  — can only act in relation to the present moment, the now, and your body, mind and heart are the vehicle through which the inner you expresses outwardly, in relation to the earthly circumstances at hand.

When you are not present here and now, you disengage the fullness of YOU from your body, mind and heart. Mediocrity is a symptom of this disconnection. Look at it this way: your attention is like a clutch. Diverting your attention from the now — yes, you have probably done this and likely have your own particular brand of it! — is like depressing the clutch. When you push the clutch in a car, the power of the engine is disconnected from the vehicle; the same happens in your vehicle, that is, your body, mind, and heart. When you are not fully present, the inner, invisible, potent, majestic YOU that you are is disconnected to some degree from the fleshy, earthbound body, mind, and heart that you have. Remember, you are a human being and not “only human” as so many beset with mediocrity would like to believe. (Hint: When someone says “I’m only human,” they are trying to convince themselves and others that their mediocrity is justified).

If you are truly, humbly seeking to move beyond the idled, powerless state of merely existing known as mediocrity, you still have time. You have less time than yesterday, but you still have time. Yesterday we looked at making a list of those people and things that you’ve tended to blame for your mediocrity. Today I encourage you to make a list of those areas where your mediocrity has negatively impacted the world around you.

When we acknowledge that we are a part of something greater and that we have the responsibility and privilege to express the best of ourselves at all times, we begin to see that our state of heart and mind and our actions matter. You matter. Your life is of value and the best of you is sorely needed on earth, here and now.

One thought on “Now

  1. Joshua

    Realizing the Truth of the matter is quite daunting at first….this however gives way to an immediate opportunity to make the correction and not look back. I for one will do the work NOW, necessary to ensure that as each day passes, the clutch is engaged a little more. Thanks for this Gregg!


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