“All things are ready, if our mind be so.” -William Shakespeare, Henry V

A few brief thoughts for you this morning on how to mentally prepare for what is to come, whatever that may be:

  1. Regarding the unresolved or worrisome elements that hide like muggers in the shadows of your mind, say to yourself (and to them directly) with the full force of your mind and heart: “you matter not to me.” Attention gives weight and assigns importance.
  2. Regarding your present circumstances, acknowledge and give specific thanks for the starting points at hand. Again, attention gives weight and assigns importance.
  3. Regarding #1 and #2, your mind will either be a pristine showroom or a junkyard based on how you deal with the present and the past. Give weight and assign importance to what truly matters and not to what is no longer relevant or beyond your control.
  4. Regarding those around you, remember that you would worry far less about what they think if you realized how infrequently they think of you.
  5. Regarding the unknown, dare to risk curiosity and more importantly, dare to act. Action catalyzes courage and courage is the basis of all forward movement.

Get yourself ready, my friends. Opportunity knocks!

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