Repose is more than just rest or inactivity.

Repose is also found in the full assumption of responsibility. Repose is found in handling the easy and the challenging matters of living with equal grace, dignity, and attention. Repose is found in honesty, forthrightness and transparency. Repose is available in times of quiet rest, as well as during intense activity.

Repose, in this sense, is a choice you make in each and every moment.

One thought on “Repose

  1. Looked up the word repose. It is derived from re (expressing intensive force) and pausare (to pause). It is an interesting way to consider it in having an intensive pausing force to its presence. Interesting also to think on indisivduals such as Jesus, Gandhi, etc who were known to have an intensive reposed presence. Your consideration opens the way to the knowing the experience of repose as an active state.


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